Virtual Speech Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Speech Therapy Frequently Asked Questions| Voz Speech Therapy Services Bilingual Speech Therapist Clinic Washington DC

If you’re interested in finding a speech therapist, but not sure if you can commit to commuting to your clinic of choice, consider virtual speech therapy.

Virtual speech therapy offers all the benefits of speech therapy, without the commute or transit times.

You can also take your time to research which therapist will best suit your needs, without worrying about their location.

The only restriction is that your clinic must be licensed to operate in the state you’re in when you do the therapy.

If you’re interested in finding a speech teletherapy in Washington DC, but are not sure if your child needs speech therapy, a virtual consultation can help.

Our experienced speech therapists at Voz Speech Therapy will evaluate your child to determine what area need attention.

Then they will develop a tailored treatment plan to help.

Now, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about virtual speech therapy.

What Is Virtual Speech Therapy?

Virtual speech therapy, or teletherapy, is remote speech therapy that uses video conferencing to provide therapy.

The platform is very similar to video chat, and has the speech therapist and patient work on activities and discussions that further their therapy goals.

This means you can receive your speech therapy from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be.

Current research has indicated that in most cases, there’s no difference between traditional speech therapy and virtual speech therapy.

If you have a toddler, it can be a lot easier to use teletherapy instead of going through the routine of getting your child out the door to the nearby clinic.

It can also be very helpful if you live far from your speech therapy clinic of choice, since you won’t have to spend time commuting.

If you’re in an area that’s underserved by speech therapy, this can be a solution to find a clinic further away than you would normally be willing to consider.

It can also allow you to find a speech therapist that’s an expert in the area you are looking for, which opens up your options.

Generally speaking, virtual speech therapy is helpful because it offers:

  • Safety, especially during a pandemic
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency
  • Improved timeliness of sessions
  • Accessibility, especially if you’re in a remote area
  • Reduced wait times

How Does Virtual Speech Therapy Work?

To access virtual speech therapy, you’ll need a steady internet connection and a laptop, computer, or tablet with an audio connection and webcam.

It’s also a good idea to have a headset with a microphone so that you can better focus on your sessions.

Before we begin the session, we’ll walk you through the steps for set up and test the connection before your therapy starts.

Our sessions are secure and we follow HIPAA standards to make sure your privacy is protected.

Is Virtual Speech Therapy The Same As In Person Speech Therapy?

There’s not a big difference between in person speech therapy and virtual speech therapy.

Virtually, patients will still build a relationship with their therapist that is based on rapport and trust.

Video calls help to facilitate face to face connections.

There is no change to how we deliver therapy.

Your speech therapist will engage with you using tactile items, games or speaking assistance, just like they would in person.

If there are any physical resources you’ll need for your session, your speech therapist will let you know of them in advance.

Some examples could be particular toys (for kids) or worksheets (for adult speech therapy).

Our world has changed quite a bit over the last 15 years, so it’s no surprise to see teletherapy gaining popularity alongside telemedicine and virtual schools.

Is Virtual Speech Therapy Effective?

Research shows that in most cases, virtual speech therapy is just as effective as in person therapy.

In fact, in some cases it can actually be more effective.

This is particularly true for patients with anxiety disorders.

For example, selective mutism is generally rooted in social anxiety.

So getting speech therapy for kids with selective mutism in a child’s own home can make them feel more relaxed, and can make treatment more effective.

This can also be true for speech therapy related to autism spectrum disorder.

Can You Do Virtual Speech Therapy For Kids?

Yes, we can do virtual speech therapy for kids.

But, it’s very important that one caregiver is present during your child’s session.

This is because caregivers are a key element when working with kids.

The goal of speech therapy for kids is to also teach caregivers how to continue working towards your speech goals with your toddler using tips and tricks recommended by your therapist.

One example of this is teaching you to model correct speech patterns for your child.

The person who spends the most time with your toddler is the best person to attend their sessions and participate.

What Is Virtual Speech Therapy?| Voz Speech Therapy Services Bilingual Speech Therapist Clinic Washington DC

Can You Do Evaluations Through Speech Teletherapy?

Yes, we are able to do evaluations for most speech conditions via teletherapy.

The evaluation combines standard testing, information from caregivers, teachers, and informal assessments to form a complete picture of your child’s speaking ability.

This will form the basis of the tailored treatment plan we will create for your child.

If there’s a chance we’re unsure about our evaluation, your speech therapist will discuss the reasons why with you and may recommend an in person session to complete the evaluation.

Does Insurance Cover Virtual Speech Therapy?

Yes, in most cases, insurance does cover your virtual speech therapy, just like they would in person speech therapy.

Consult your individual plan for more details.

Can You Do Virtual Speech Therapy For All Speech And Language Disorders?

At Voz Speech Therapy, we can offer virtual speech therapy for most, but not all, speech and language disorders.

After completing our evaluation, we’ll discuss whether virtual speech therapy is an option for you.

Some common speech and language disorders that virtual speech therapy can often help with include:

I Live Outside Of DC. Can I Access Your Virtual Speech Therapy Services?

At Voz Speech Therapy, we’re licensed to provide our services to residents in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

That means that those three areas are the only places we can provide treatment in.

If your primary residence is somewhere in the DMV, we can help.

Book Your Appointment With Voz Speech Therapy Today

If you’re thinking about speech therapy, but concerned that the commute may be too disruptive for your child, consider teletherapy.

You can skip the commute, and your speech therapist will teach you how to use your child’s toys and objects already at home as consistent tools for therapy.

This will help you to identify teaching moments outside of therapy in your day to day, which will help your child get the most out of speech therapy.

Remember, if you’re concerned that your child might need some extra help speaking, book your appointment with Voz Speech Therapy today.

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