Do you have an issue with your speech, language, or communication skills that holds you back in your life?

Does your child seem to struggle with their speech, language, or feeding abilities?

Has a loved one recently suffered an injury that has impaired the way they communicate?

For all of these concerns and more, Voz Speech Therapy can help.

Voz Speech Therapy is the only fully bilingual speech therapy clinic in Washington DC, offering individualized services in English or Spanish depending on you or your child’s needs.

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The Voz Speech Therapy Story

Founded in 2018 by clinic owner and founder Dr. Ana-Maria Jaramillo, Voz Speech Therapy works to offer bilingual speech therapy services for adults and children to the entire DC Metro area.

We recognized the importance of evidence based treatments,” says Jaramillo, “but we also wanted to offer treatments that prioritize the patient’s individual wants and needs.

As a result, when you receive treatment from Voz Speech Therapy, you’re treated like an individual. Rather than taking a “paint by numbers” approach, we take the time to understand your concerns, and tailor your treatment specifically towards that. Our holistic approach aims to treat you as a whole person, rather than just dealing with your individual symptoms.

Our clinic model for speech therapy for kids is designed around working collaboratively with you as your child’s primary caregiver, as well as their teachers and other healthcare providers.

This way, we can work toward the greatest improvement in your child’s speech, language, and communication development.

We provide services in both English and Spanish, depending on your or your child’s native language.

How Does Speech Therapy Work?

If you’ve never done speech therapy before, you may be understandably curious about how it works.

It’s probably not a surprise to find out that our approach is different depending on whether we are offering speech therapy for adults or speech therapy for children. Let’s take a look.

If you suspect your child has a speech, language, or feeding disorder, your first appointment will likely be a speech therapy evaluation session. During this session, your child’s speech therapist will evaluate your child along different sets of criteria. The goal is to arrive at a diagnosis for what’s causing their symptoms.

From there, your speech therapist will work with your child to run through a variety of evidence based therapy strategies and exercises designed to help alleviate those symptoms.

However, what’s just as important is your own speech therapist’s session. As your child’s primary caregiver, your speech therapist will work with you to better understand what’s causing their symptoms, and how you can work with them at home to help treat them as well.

Often, the approach we take in speech therapy for kids is one of early intervention. By catching speech, language, and feeding disorders at a young age, it often improves their results.

Similarly, speech therapy sessions for adults and older children generally start with a screening and evaluation session.

You may have already received a diagnosis for your speech or language concern, in which case your speech therapist will focus on getting to know how your diagnosis affects you in particular. Or you may have done some of your own research in getting to understand your symptoms, and are looking for help managing it.

Either way, you and your speech therapist will put together a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

From there, you and your speech therapist will schedule a series of speech therapy sessions where they will teach you exercises designed to reduce your symptoms and manage your speech disorder.

Through speech therapy treatments, you can learn to communicate clearly and with greater confidence.

What Conditions Can Speech Therapy Help With?

There are a wide variety of different conditions speech therapy can help with.

To see the full list, visit this page on ASHA’s website – the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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