Here at our speech therapy clinic in Washington DC, we offer a variety of different speech therapy services.

Each of these services is tailored specifically to your individual needs. Whether you’re seeking out treatment for yourself or your child, in person or online, for assessment or sessions, we can help.

If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ page, or feel free to reach out to us.

Read on below to find out more about each of our individual speech therapy services. 

Unless you’ve already received a diagnosis for you or your child’s speech or language issues, the first step is a speech therapy screening and evaluation. Your speech therapist will spend some time with you or your child, observing and getting a better understanding of what’s causing your symptoms. From there, they’ll offer a treatment plan designed to address them.

Whether you’ve been struggling with a speech disorder your entire life, or you or a loved one have developed a new one, it can be a frustrating and stressful experience. However, speech therapy for adults can help. We’ll work with you or your loved one to manage your condition or recover your speech and language abilities.

Have you noticed your child isn’t progressing the way you expected them to? Has your pediatrician suggested you take your child to see a speech therapist? If so, this may seem like an alarming experience. Naturally, you want the best for your child. The good news though, is that with speech therapy, your child’s speech or language issues can be managed.

Thumb sucking comes naturally to children. It’s the same instinct that compels a child to breastfeed when they’re too young to be taught such things. However, eventually they need to be weaned from that habit. If your child is 6 years old and still sucks their thumb or fingers, the Thumbs Up! program can help them break the habit and enjoy healthier oral development.

As your child’s primary caregiver, you spend by far the most amount of time with them. And because they mostly learn their speech and language skills by observing you, it’s important for you to be able to play an active role in recognizing when their problematic behaviors emerge, and how to replace them with healthier behaviors. Speech therapy coaching can help.

We live in an increasingly digital world. And with that comes a shift in the way we provide healthcare, including speech therapy services. Maybe you have a hectic schedule that makes it difficult to come to our office. Maybe you live too far to make the trip convenient. Or maybe you have difficulty physically getting here. Whatever the reason, speech teletherapy can help.

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Regardless of what your needs are, if it has to do with speech therapy, we can help.

Each member of our team specializes in many types of speech and language issues children and adults face.

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Regardless of what your needs are, if it has to do with speech therapy, we can help.

Book your appointment today to find out more.